Microbiome and directed evolution.


Case 1.

We start with what you have

Do you need to stabilize and streamline your laboratary formulated microbiome? What about your vision to combine high-potential strains? We explore their potential with our technology to stabilise them in a form that meets your criteria.




Do you have a natural environment rich in microbial biodiversity? After having taken a sample, we proceed to a millifluidic screening to isolate the different useful microbiomes, which we will optimise thanks to our Microbial Evolution Machine.


Revobiom is based on an innovative technology resulting from ten years of fundamental research, the Microbial Evolution Machine (MEM). It enables the emergence, by natural evolution, of stable and effective interactions within microbial communities.

This technology is based on digital millifluidics, which works on the basis of “droplet trains”: a succession of droplets and gas bubbles, carried by oil. Each drop, a bioreactor, allows the cultivation of a microbial cocktail in a very homogeneous and independent way. The numerous optical sensors present in the MEM make it possible to evaluate the performance of each drop, identified and traced over time. Each train includes hundreds of these bioreactors, allowing an exhaustive exploration of the evolutionary field of possibilities.

From the performance analysis, we choose the microbial cocktails to keep. The transfer module, the heart of our technology, makes it possible to select these cocktails and to propagate them in a new train of clean drops, so that they continue their evolution, without external contamination. The most promising bioreactors will be sampled several times, unlike the less interesting ones, which will be eliminated. Cycle after cycle, the Darwinian evolution of microbiomes will then be optimized.


Food fermentation

Fermentation is an ancient method of preservation and formulation that not only allows for the natural and long-lasting preservation of food products but also the formulation of foods and beverages with superior nutritional and organoleptic properties (bread, wine, beer, cheese, yoghurt, etc). Food manufacturers want to improve their manufacturing processes with more complex consortia, but face stability problems. We can overcome them.


Soils are naturally rich in microbial biodiversity, allowing for healthy and environmentally friendly farming. The abusive use of pesticides and invasive techniques have weakened or even destroyed our soil’s naturally rich microbial biodiversity. We aim to create consortiums that would make it possible to incentivize nature while maintaining agricultural yields.


As the largest organ in our body, the skin requires special conditions to maintain its good health. Skin microbiota, made up of billions of bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites, varies between each individual. Skincare and beauty products can benefit from their new systemic, global and personalised claims thanks to our Microbial Evolution Machine.


Bacteria and other naturally occurring micro-organisms can be used to transform plant biomass into fuels such as bio-diesel, bio-ethanol or bio-methane. Our challenge is to increase the yields of these processes through stabilised consortia

Human/animal probiotic feed

The health of our intestines has a direct impact on our general health, both for humans and for animals. Our lifestyles (taking medication, diet, etc.) can damage the proper performance of our microbiota. Today, probiotics can restore its balance to better assimilate nutrients and strengthen the immune system, and tomorrow to prevent and cure serious pathologies. We want to contribute to this.


“Nature offers solutions, let’s use them intelligently!”

Thomas Bibette


Wilfried Sire


We are a team of entrepreneurs, researchers and scientists who have developed a technology that optimises the natural evolutionary processes of micro-organisms. We want to put nature back at the heart of agricultural and industrial activities to sustain our collective future on the planet thanks to the microbial communities that constitute us.



It is out of respect for our planet, its soil, its oceans and its living organisms that we want to improve the health of our ecosystems by freeing them from the harmful effects of excessive human activity. To do this, we carefully nurture microbiomes. We are committed to maximizing the best of the diversity around us in a natural way.


The result of more than twenty years of fundamental research in micro- and micro-fluidics, our disruptive technology commits us to do even better. We demand the best from ourselves so that our technology provides the best possible service. With our pioneering, cutting-edge scientific expertise, we want to lead the way to making ‘all-natural’ a complete reality.


We are acting to accelerate the ecological transition by providing ecosystems with new sources of resilience. Our technology enables sustainable use of the resources at our disposal.

Our team is supported by a world-class laboratory whose expertise brings a rare degree of excellence and credibility. ESPCI is known as the “French school of the Nobels”. The diverse ecosystem of our partners, both institutional and private, helps our project gain visibility with the largest international research and innovation institutes


1. Beginning of the research

It all started about twenty years ago with cutting-edge research in a laboratory of the ESPCI known worldwide for its expertise in Millifluidics, the Laboratory of Colloids and Divided Materials. Based on this place of creation and knowledge, an entrepreneurial ecosystem has developed and consolidated since 2008 with the creation of the first start-up, Capsum. The emergence of an ecosystem around milli and micro-fluidic technologies then continued with Millidrop; Kapsera, Calyxia, iSpheres, etc.

On the one hand, the project’s founding research was set up and on the other, its entrepreneurial ecosystem was consolidated.

Structuring the research

The research laboratory from which we originated launched the work on the Microbial Evolution Machine based on a simple observation: all the microbial solutions developed by nature are based on their interactions. In a spirit of exploring new frontiers between physics and biology, he set himself the challenge of developing a technology that would imitate the natural processes of Darwinian evolution.

(Wilfried) In full elaboration of my thesis in 2017, I contacted the laboratory to design and develop this breakthrough technology. Three years later, in 2020, I submitted my thesis and presented this new technology and its application potential to a panel of internationally recognised experts. Following this, we carried out a first concrete proof of concept in collaboration with INRAE on the subject of the degradation of molecules of a common pesticide in soils, Atrazine, and demonstrated the potential of our technology.

Structuring an entrepreneurial ecosystem

(Thomas) I started my career in Deep Tech with Capsum about 10 years ago, a project combining biotechnology and design for the cosmetics industry. My role was to bridge the gap between the market and R&D during the maturation phase of our technology platforms, before taking charge of international business development, opening several markets in the US and Asia. I then continued my career in the commercial development of digital technologies, in particular in artificial intelligence for the use of dual digital technologies useful for the optimisation of complex physical flow networks.

2. Creation of the project

In 2021, after seeing the success of this technology, the scientific referents decided to launch a start-up to make the project a reality and to make it known to the greatest number of people. On 22 July 2022, the microbial revolution was launched. REVOBIOM was born.

3. Development of the project

We are now in the maturation phase of a technology that has made its first proof of concept, and are now working on several industrial projects, particularly in the field of food ferments. In order to accelerate our organic growth, we plan to raise funds in a pre-seed or seed round.

Our Partners


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